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The Business Connection in the news - The Business Connection

The Business Connection is famous – well, sort of! We made it into the local newspaper The Spalding and South Holland Voice.

It’s a good-sized article all about our vision for The Business Connection, as well as promoting our next networking event.

Those who know me will probably know I have a strong connection to several of the newspapers in the Spalding and Peterborough area, as I am a former journalist.

The Lincs Free Press and the Peterborough Telegraph (Peterborough Evening Telegraph, as it was then) hold a special place in my heart as I have such fond memories of the people I worked and some of the stories I covered, but The Voice is really, really special to me as I was among the four co-founders who launched it in 2014.

It was my first foray into owning and running a small business and I’m really proud of what we achieved – and my three co-founders continue to achieve – with this independent newspaper which is read by more than 10,000 across South Holland every week.

So it is particularly nice to see them using this press release which I sent in several weeks ago.

Hopefully it will bring a bit more awareness and attention to The Business Connection and entice more people to attend our networking events.

Press releases are a great way to get publicity for your business – if you’ve got something newsworthy to share.

If you fancy giving it a go, The Business Connection has a mini How to Write a Press Release course.

And if you need more help, I am here to offer press release writing services as part of my marketing business. You can find out more about what I offer through my Red Shoes Marketing Business Focus. 

Tracey Sweetland
Author: Tracey Sweetland

Founder of The Business Connection and owner of Red Shoes Media and Marketing, supporting small business owners and helping small business to grow.