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The Business Collective group sessions - The Business Connection

Bringing business owners together to learn and grow…


The Business Collective sessions aim to provide you with new knowledge and skills and new ways of thinking about and doing things in your business

Friendly, professional help

Led by either one of The Business Connection team  or a guest expert, group sessions are an informal and fun way to  learn new skills, gather new knowledge or gain a new perspective.

Sessions are held mostly online, although some face to face sessions may be added depending on participants’ location.


Learn a new skill or get some new ideas.

There are so many aspects to running a business that you can’t be expected to know everything.

But with our easy-to-follow, accessible to everyone workshops, you can gain some basic skills or a little extra knowledge on topics relevant to you, such as social media, marketing and some of the best software and platforms to use to help run your business.

Group mentoring

It’s good to talk

Our group mentoring sessions are a chance to be part of a small group where you get the chance to pick the brains of one of our Business Bestie Mentors.

Sessions will also give you plenty of ideas you can try in your own business – and the motivation to go ahead and give new things a try.

Planning, goal setting and accountability

Don’t stagnate, innovate

Each month we’ll also hold a planning, goal setting and accountability session where you can set your intentions for the month ahead and assess your progress.

Work through the TBC monthly goal setting workbook and get clarity on the next steps for your business – then share them with the group so you can be held accountable at the next session for what you have (or haven’t!) done.

What’s coming up

Keep an eye on the calendar

Workshops and group mentoring sessions will be added to the TBC Events calendar, where you will also be able to book your place. Spaces on these events will be limited.

Of course, we’ll also let you know what’s coming up on the TBC Facebook page and in our email newsletter, so make sure you are signed up for both.

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Join a group of six or eight small business owners in a one-off or six-month long programme of Masterminds. Here you will be able to “pick the brains” of other members on issues, problems or challenges you are facing in your business – and offer your ideas.


The Business Connection networking sessions are a fun and informal way of building meaningful relationships with other small business owners. There’s no pitching – it’s all about making working together in a spirit of community, connection and collaboration.

1:1 Mentoring

Our Business Bestie mentors have a wide range of experience in running a small business and are able to offer advice, make suggestions, challenge you, act as a sounding board and signpost you to other people or services that you need to grow your business.


By becoming a member of The Business Connection you can save on all our other services and take advantage of a host of other benefits, including opportunities to promote your business and a growing library of content and courses to help you build your business.