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Business Besties 1:1 Mentoring - The Business Connection

Meet your new Business Besties


Get one to one mentoring from The Business Connection’s business mentors

Who we are…

Your Business Besties

Tracey Sweetland

The Business Connection founder and owner of Red Shoes Marketing. Small business owner since 2014. Former local news journalist and sub-editor.

Hi, I’m Tracey.

When I become your new business bestie, you’ll get a straight-talking, no bullshit mentor who doesn’t sugar coat the truth. I will always tell you it exactly as I see it.

My experience as a journalist means I have years of experience of asking the right questions and sifting through the bullshit to get to the crux of the matter.

I’m also not going to make you any promises I can’t keep.

I’m definitely not promising that my mentoring will take your business to a six-figure money-making machine in the next six months because, honestly, I’m not there yet myself.

I have several years (since 2014) of experience of starting, running and growing my own business, but I’m still learning new things every day and I’m still on the small business journey – just like you.

As a mentor, I’m offering to be a partner – a friend – in your journey. We’ll work together to help you get where you want to be with your small business.

Sonya Wardell

Owner of three businesses, Chris’ Leaflet Distribution, Wardell Furniture Co, and now Sonya Wardell Business Services.

AKA known Little Miss Motivator.

Hi, I’m Sonya.

I have just shy of 20 years experience in retail management and feel now is the time to put the skills and knowledge I have gained to good use to help other business owners.

I have been called Tenacious, Passionate, Sassy, a breath of fresh air and Mrs. Motivator amongst many other things.

For many years I have brushed aside suggestions to become a coach or mentor because I believed I had to be “perfect” before I could help anyone else.

Now I realise, no one is perfect and so here I am, providing a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on whenever you need it.

One thing I will always guarantee is you will never leave me without feeling motivated and with a smile on your face.

Guidance and support

Mentoring is a great way of getting business guidance and support on a regular basis.

Business Bestie mentoring is designed to work around what is best for you and your business.

It is a chance for you to take time out from working in your business to focus on your own self-development and working ON your business.

So, you choose how often you would like to have a mentoring session and the focus/purpose of each session.

The benefits


Reducing the level of risk in making business decisions

Exploring different options and taking the next step becomes easier when you have someone that understands your struggles and who you can bounce ideas off and get feedback from.


Focusing your energy

Simply having someone else to motivate you and to share your successes with can lead to extraordinary results.


Make progress more quickly

Taking the right actions at the right time in the right way can make a big difference to your profits. When you begin to focus your time and energy on the right things, new opportunities open up and you can achieve your vision. 

How a Business Bestie can help?

There are numerous ways in which a Business Bestie can help. It all depends on where you are with your business and what you specifically need help with.

But some of the most common challenges business owners face include their own mindset and confidence, efficient goal and target setting, productivity, overcoming obstacles and making decisions, marketing and knowing who to turn to or who can help. 

Part of being a Business Bestie is our own wide network of contacts – meaning if we don’t know the answer we almost certainly know someone who does!

Want a Business Bestie?

Choose your new best friend and get in touch directly to discuss the next step.

We know that sometimes you can just “gel” with someone and know they are the right person to help you on your way.

That is why we don’t dicate who your new Business Bestie is going to be.

Our contact details are here, so give us a call or drop us a line for an initial discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

Tracey Sweetland


Call 07368 141558

Email Me

Sonya Wardell


07983 331117

Email Me

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