Rob Moore

Rob Moore

Author, entrepreneur, public speaker, podcaster

The author of eight books and one of the UK’s top non-fiction writers, Rob Moore has made his mark by building a brand as The Disruptive Entrepreneur.

As well as being an author, he has also built the UK’s largest property training company, broken three public speaking records as an international keynote speaker and co-owns or manages 850 tenants in his property portfolio and Progressive Lets agency.

That’s not all – he’s also one of the UK’s top influencers.

Rob now helps other business owners leverage their own passions and skills to make their businesses a success.

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1. Create multiple streams of leads

If you have one lead source, just like, if you have one supplier or one client, you risk disruption. You risk them going bust.
If you have multiple streams of leads, you have multiple streams of income. The more leads you have, the more clients you have, and the more income you have.
Many people who are coaches, consultants, trainers, product and service providers, their problem isn’t their product. Their problem isn’t their skill or their experience, or their ability to sell. Their problem is volume of leads.
And I always say to those people who say it’s not going very well, that they are not converting or that they are not selling very well, what if you have 100 times as many leads, what would happen?
Now, as long as they’re not selling zero out of 10, because they might then sell zero out of 100, usually their problem is volume of leads.
You need to leverage everything you can to get those leads, such as social media, Facebook ads, Amazon ads, Spotify ads, Google ads, CPA listening tools, joint-ventures, collaborations, Instagram organic, Instagram paid ads, LinkedIn paid ads. You could test YouTube, YouTube paid ads. You name it. There are loads of different exhibitions, shows, being a public speaker, ads on your podcast, ads on your YouTube Channel. There are so many ways to generate leads and income.

2. Focus on marketing

Marketing is the single most important function of any business. If you don’t focus on marketing at least half of your time, you’re not going to grow your leads. You’re not growing your clients. You’re not going to grow your revenue. You’re not going to grow your reach, you’re not going to grow your impact.
Not enough people focus enough on marketing. They focus on everything else, product, service, admin, systems, software, HR, recruitment.
These are all important, but not as important as marketing.
No marketing, no leads, no revenue. It’s like a shop. You might have good stock. You might have good salesperson. You might have good software. But if you can’t get anyone in the shop, you don’t have a business. And getting people in the shop is marketing.

3. Hire more revenue generating staff.

That might be sales people, marketing people. That might be affiliates and ambassadors. But the more revenue generating staff you have, the more revenue you have.
I have a rule that between 2.5 and 5 times a salary should be what a revenue generating person in your team brings in. So, if you’re paying 50 grand, they should be bringing in 125 to 250 grand. If you’re paying them 20 grand, they should be bringing in 50 to 100 grand
Of course, you could pay up to one quarter in basic salary, and the rest could be commission. I’ve got staff that are under £20,000 salary, but earn six figures actual income when you take all their commissions into account.

4. Find a mentor

Get a mentor who’s broken through the ceiling you’re hitting in your business, and figure out how they did it, what lessons they’ve got, what mistakes they’ve made, what made the biggest difference, what could you leverage that they’ve done. As they blaze the trail, could you follow the trail that they’ve blazed?
I believe in learning from mistakes of others, not yourself. And I believe in getting leverage by vicarious experience. Because you don’t have experience you don’t have yet. But you can nick 10 years’ experience off someone who’s had it, if you pay them, if you get mentored by them, if you listen to them, if you wine and dine them. They can give you some of their insight, wisdom and experience.

I believe in learning from mistakes of others, not yourself.

Rob Moore

The Disruptive Entrepreneur.

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