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#1 Diary of The Business Connection - The Business Connection

December 7, 2020

So, I meant to start this a while ago, but it got pushed down the list of things to do.

I’m sure you’ve all been there. When you are starting or running your own business there’s always something “important” that needs doing and often those things which can wait get pushed down the list.

This blog is one of those things that could wait. But I didn’t want it to wait too long as it is supposed to be a diary of the creation of The Business Connection and my experiences and feelings as I did it.

I am now about a month in to this project and the website is coming along nicely.

The Member Dashboard is taking shape and my next job is to drill down into the Become a Members “sales” page.

I’m ashamed to admit I’m procrastinating on it a bit.

I think the problem is that The Business Connection means so much to me that I am desperate for the sales page to be “perfect” so potential members will immediately see the value in it for them.

 This project is something that has been stewing away inside me, in various forms, for a number of years now and circumstances (that’s a whole other story for another time!) have kind of pushed me into taking it forward.

The delay hasn’t been due to my lack of passion for the project – more a lack of confidence.

Again, you’ve probably been there if you have a passion project that you have – or want to – put out into the world.

It means so much to you and you are terrified that once it escapes the confines of your head and becomes a “thing” in the real world, people will shoot it down in flames.

That’s where I am right now.

I truly, honestly 100% believe that The Business Connection can help hundreds of small business owners by bringing them together to support each other.

But what if I’m the only one who feels that? What if no one loves the idea as much as I do?

I know that I’m getting in my own way and need to put my big girl pants on and get on with it, but the feeling won’t go away and subconsciously I’m finding busy work to do to delay the moment I announce it to the world.

I’m sure I’m not the first and I won’t be the last person planning to launch a small business to feel this way.

Which is one of the many reasons why I believe we need The Business Connection – to share those feelings and experiences and help guide each other through them so we can get out of our own way and tackle those obstacles – real or imagined – that stand between us and the business we dream of.

The delay hasn’t been due to my lack of passion for the project – more a lack of confidence.

Tracey Sweetland

The Business Connection founder

Tracey Sweetland
Author: Tracey Sweetland

Founder of The Business Connection and owner of Red Shoes Media and Marketing, supporting small business owners and helping small business to grow.